Your health and wellbeing are our priority!

Through platforms and products designed collaboratively with end users, Mediwave (the development arm of Mindwave) promotes positive behaviour change by helping end users reach their health and wellbeing goals.


our company

We are Mindwave Ventures' dedicated development arm, working on bringing together quality development and thoughtful design to create digital products and services.

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To date, the Mediwave Team has developed websites, apps, and VR projects for the NHS including Healthlocker, GoodThinking, Medichec, and Health VR. The company has also collaborated with leading academic research centres in London and throughout the UK.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to continue providing complete services, including discovery, design, development, DevOps, QA and deployment, and to amass many leaders in healthcare and technology. With our team's collective expertise, we aim to propel Mindwave to the forefront of 'digital health,' solidifying its position as an industry leader in the UK.



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Throwback to

our journey

The brainchild of our founder Mr Kumar Jacob, Mediwave Digital, was born in 2018 with just an idea, five software developers and a small apartment complex in Pondicherry. Here is a brief look back at our journey to date.

Mediwave was established in Pondicherry with just five software developers who dealt with web applications using AWS and JavaScript. Our first office space was an apartment.


In 2019, our five-person team expanded to include QA, DevOps, admin, and management. The first PHR project, Beth, was established along with other research projects such as Asset (Sri Lanka).


2020 has been a big year for us! We inaugurated our new office space and began actively recruiting talent. We implemented cutting-edge technologies like Azure and Kubernetes.


We were certified by ISO 27001 (Information security) and ISO 9001 (Quality). By now we have successfully implemented 6 successful PHR projects.


A team of eight trainees was recruited and we expanded our office space. We introduced an alternate Fridays off work schedule to ease off work stress and solidated the usage of wrike.


We are planning to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the SaaS model into our products.


Join us

At Mediwave, we take on big challenges, collaborate with great people, and make a real impact with our work. If you’re ready to grow your career, join us on our mission to help companies deliver happy customer experiences.

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