We are dedicated to addressing the world's needs.

We are dedicated to addressing the world's needs. As a design-thinking company, we empower over 50 brands to thrive and make a meaningful impact.



We are committed to the artistry of creating not only digital products and services but also transformative experiences. Our collaborative efforts, from conceptualisation through development, testing, and seamless deployment, are driven by a pursuit of excellence and innovation.


With a strong emphasis on collaboration, our UI/UX design process focuses on refining both the aesthetic appeal and user experience of a product. We endeavour to enhance user engagement and satisfaction by seamlessly integrating visually captivating interfaces with intuitively designed, user-friendly experiences.


A team of talented full- developers, QA, and DevOps programmers work together on a wide range of projects connecting clinicians, patients, carers, and admins while aiming to bring technology and healthcare together to do things better.


DevOps is the collaborative practice that harmonises software development and IT operations, streamlining the entire software delivery lifecycle. It places emphasis on automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery to bolster efficiency, reliability, and innovation throughout the development process.


Support serves as the backbone of our commitment, delivering swift and reliable assistance to ensure our clients' seamless experience. Our dedicated support team stands ready to address inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and foster satisfaction throughout the customer journey.



Each month, our meticulously crafted product becomes an integral part of millions of lives, serving as a reliable and impactful solution for countless individuals. This widespread usage stands as a testament to the success and resonance of the product we've diligently built.


Medichec helps identify medications that could potentially impact cognitive function or cause other adverse effects in older individuals.

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Oxcare is a digital portal designed for supported self-management of physical health and mental wellbeing in South-East London and parts of Kent. It caters to individuals of all ages who are currently or have previously been under the care of Oxleas.

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Apostrophe CMS


The Alder Hey CYP As One

The Sefton & Liverpool CAMHS services are dedicated to promoting the mental health and well-being of children, young people, families, and carers.

This platform offers a range of valuable resources aimed at supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

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Apostrophe CMS



Sefton & Liverpool CAMHS



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I want to emphasise how integral Mediwave have been to achieving this. Throughout the last five months you have been a core part of our team at Brook and we are all extremely grateful to you for everything that you have put into DFD, both individually, and as a whole organisation!

Image of Matt Rigby

Matt Rigby

Head of Digital, Brook

Thank you to you all, your hard work and being responsive to our needs and working so hard to find solutions to problems. They will make such a difference to children and families' access to health digitally, whilst improving the workloads of clinical staff.

Image of Darren Alderson-Hall

Darren Alderson-Hall

Manager, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust



At Mediwave, we thrive on tackling big challenges, collaborating with exceptional individuals, and making a tangible impact with our work. If you're prepared to advance your career, join us on our mission to assist companies in delivering delightful customer experiences.

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